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What I am teaching my son with special needs

Updated: Mar 6

After taking the decision of homeschooling our special needs son the next question was; what do I teach him? What curriculum should I use? What would work for him? The questions overwhelmed me, and I had no idea where to start. Our conclusion might not be a fit for your kids needs but it might give you a start.

Jonatán is non-verbal, he uses a communication device which he has mastered how to use it, but still needs to establish an effective communication with others. He has done pre-school in public schools for a few years and this past year he was enrolled on first grade, because of his age; but still has some basic skills that he hasn’t mastered yet. I used the term mastered, because that’s our way to measure his skills.


After a lot of research, that included watching video reviews, talking to other homeschool moms and searching for previews. I couldn’t make a choice, I found curriculums that I loved the approach, the structure, etc. but they didn’t seem to be the right fit for Jonatán and his current needs. I had to figure something out and soon, the months were starting to fly.

I’ve shared our final decision with our therapists and clinician, and we all have concluded that it’s a good start. After checking the subjects, we are required by the state to teach; I searched the department of education website to find the Academic Standards for each subject. I pay special attention to the pre-school and kindergarten, to make sure he has mastered the basic goals for each grade and subject.

While examining the goals establish by the state, I had to determine a few things:

  • Were these goals achievable or not for him?

  • Which ones were a priority or a pre-skill for another skills?

  • Was the goal too abstract for him? If modified could it be achievable?

During this time, I was taking notes and chatting with my husband about his opinions and how we could adjust some topics, so they were helpful for Jonatan. Our main goal for him to master any skills if for him to achieve an effective communication and his independent care. Obviously, I would care for my son all of our lives if needed, but our goal is for him to have the best life and enjoy the most of what he can.

The Plan

As we started nailing down those mini goals in each subject, I started grouping and organizing them so that one built in to another; or that we could work on a few similar goals at the same time. Finally, we came up with a general plan, you can download it here. My hope is that it helps to give you an idea on what might work for your family.

As, no curriculum seemed fit for our needs, we are blending a lot of activities, books and manipulative exercises and ABA procedures to work on each topic. My son receives therapies; since day one of our struggle of deciding in homeschooling or not, we got all his therapist and clinicians on board with us. They have help us with ideas, resources and willingness to incorporate the topics we will be working at home.

To my surprise, all of these steps were becoming a great Individualized Education Program (IEP) for my son. We increased his therapies sessions, and all of his goals are connected across the board. It has been a week and half since we started our homeschool year, August 2019, and I still have some fears and worries about this new adventure; but here’s something that I’m 100% sure my son has the best scenario to learn and grow. My oldest son, who is going back to his past charter school soon; told me the other day: He’s doing great, he has the best teacher of the world. I don’t boost in that, but I’m happy whit what we are doing, and all of our plans are written in pencil, adjustments are welcome.

Share your process of choosing curriculum or deciding what or how to teach your kids.

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