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Reading is Fun! January Tracker

When my oldest started Kindergarten I loved the idea that as part of his homework, we had to read together every night. As the book worm I am, it was a great time we spent together learning to read and creating memories. Next year he had to complete a certain amount of time which has had a few increments in the past years. Although it was great to help him create a habit of reading, it also became one more task on the list. Reading started to lose some of its enchantment.

That was when I started tracking his reading time without using timers. He knew I was paying attention and we still read together some nights. I learned to ask the correct questions to verify his reading comprehension; and the result was amazing. Reading stopped being one more homework and it gain it’s place again as a leisure activity, interactive, fun and worth doing over and over. He started reading at any time of the day, more than the requested minutes for school.

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Please don’t get me wrong I do believe that 20 or 30 minutes of reading a day will make a huge difference in our kids. They’re efforts, progress and goals met should be rewarded; in whatever way is possible and affordable for your family and that makes senses for them. My main goal while encouraging kids to read is showing them what a great gift they have, once they learn to read.

At Myrna’s Reading Nook we want to provide you a simple tool to start the year reading and enjoying every reading time with your kids. I’ll post a monthly calendar for your family to track they days you have read. What counts? Everything! When they read by themselves, with an adult and even with an older sibling. Even listening to audiobooks counts. Track by coloring, marking, stickers, writing the tittles, whatever works for your family.

Get your calendar and join our community on Facebook, where we will be sharing tips, recommendations and encouragement. Also, at the end of the month you can enter your kids in our giveaways. This new year resolve to READ!

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