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Fill your Potty Book Basket

Updated: Feb 9

We made a family goal for this month to become fully potty trained, even the puppy, he’s doing the best. Jonatán still gets distracted and forgets to make it to the bathroom and Mirelix, was ready and we jumped into the task. One of our strategies was to add to their bathroom what we called the Potty Book Basket, to keep them busy and help them learn more about what was going on.

Here the books that must make it to yours:

What’s the Potty For?

Part of the Lift-the-Flap Very First Questions and Answers Series; this book is a most. It presents a boy and girl twins exploring what are potties for. Great illustrations and lots of flaps to get your toddler engage. Is a very practical guide on routines for when to go potty and what to do in the bathroom. I liked a lot that it also presents the kids having accidents as part of the process of the training. The first time my toddler saw it we had to read it like three times, and it was she who placed it in the basket.

What's the Potty for?

What is Poop?También disponible en español.

Another great tittle from the Lift-the-Flap Very First Questions and Answers Series. This book goal is to take the “shame” of the natural process of pooping. Is funny, interesting and filled with facts that will amaze even you as and adult.

What is poop? / ¿Qué es la caca?

What are germs?También disponible en español.

I think you got it by know, this series is amazing. With the same engaging format and illustrations, this tittle helps us introduce the topic of germs and hygiene. Including washing our hands. It’s great to helps us manage our worries about germs and hygiene, with a book suited for toddlers.

What are germs? / ¿Qué son los gérmenes?

Everyone Poops

Simple illustrations, bold text and short fun and interesting facts. If your child is worried or anxious about pooping, this will help them to learn that if we eat is normal to poop.

Everyone Poops

Look inside your bodyTambién disponible en español.

While our toddlers start to make connections of everything involved in using the toilet, more questions might arise and that’s when this tittle becomes so helpful. It also has flaps to make even more interactive showing them how the food travels inside our bodies and comes out.

Don’t forget to add your kids favorite, and even activity books to keep them busy if they take a lot of time doing their business. Currently my daughters favorite is Baby’s Very First Slide and See Nighttime, you can see the whole series here.

Look inside your body

I hope these ideas can help you and your kids in the process. If you want to learn more about our books or want recommendations leave a comment or send us a message to help you out.

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