• Myrna Rodriguez

4 books, an improvised lesson

Most of the time, I plan many things and activities to do with my kids. But most of the time those plans don’t work. Mirelix is being silly and just wants to run around. Jonatán is hungry and nothing else call his attention except food. Peniel is so into his experiments or his Pokémon world that nothing else seems interesting. And there goes my plans, and my motivation. 

But today the story has been different, Mirelix is ready to have some time together with books. After reading Time for Bed, Hippo!; she wanted more. We moved closer to our bookshelf and the adventure and the improvised lesson started. I hesitated to rush the reading of I’m a Dirty Dinosaurto go back upstairs to ‘work’; but thankfully I stopped myself and enjoy the opportunity of reading a fun story, practice some words and get a fun and silly little exercise. 

After reading it twice, she went back to the shelf and grab the Jungle Animals volume of the Muddle and Match Series. Her laugh was amazing, and I’ll treasure it so much. Even she’s too little to read or process all the silly stories in the book. She named animals and make their sounds, asking about those that she hasn’t learn yet. 

As I closed the book, she said: More! And went quickly to get I can Count. We practice numbers and colors. We also did some matching with these great little books, perfect for little hands. Ours have been so well loved by the three of them and still are holding up amazingly. 

Wait! She said and got back with Lift-the-Flap ABC. We sat done next to each other and sing the Alphabet song while looking at all the letters. We focused on the first seven letters and practice identifying the pictures, the letters and some more silly questions and stories. I love spending this type of time with my little girl and discover the world with her. 

What I learned today? Even it’s hard for me to say, but this time it was great to ditch the plans. I also learn that if we provide the sources of entertainment and learning, for our kids the opportunities to have fun, teach them and learn together will be plenty. Let’s embrace the moments and enjoy our family life.