My Story

My Family

I'm married to my high-school sweet heart, Jonathan. We have three kids under 9, Peniel, Jonatan and Mirelix. We are from Puerto Rico, but have been living in Colorado Springs since 2015; where we moved to start a Hispanic Church

My love for books and reading

Since my earliest memory I have been a bookworm, curious about everything. Thankfully I grew up in a home with the means to provide me with books to satisfy my curiosity. That love has not changed much over the years and lead me to become a Librarian.


I like to say that I have grown from a bookworm into a book lady. My love for books and reading is still the same; and finding the Right book for kids, teens and adults is my passion; it will be my pleasure to help your family foster the love for books and reading. 

The Reading Nook

Our home is our reading nook, we have books everywhere; accesible for anytime they want to read, explore or practice a skill. Three kids, in different stages and with extremely different needs, something I have learned to value is that they learn in different ways. 

Virtually in this space and the community on facebook, I want to share the books, tips, activities and experiences we have had to help your family. Our motto is Let's Read! Let's Teach! Let's Learn! Join us to read together, teach one another and learn something new everyday. 

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