Host an Event

There is an event for every need and goal. We plan at your convenience, our events can be exclusively online, at home or a combination.  With each qualifying event* you can earn Free and 1/2 price books for your family or organization. Following are some of the types of events you can host. 

Online Party 

Get some family and friends together on a Facebook Group, WhasApp or other network and let's have some fun and learn about our books. Can be customize to the groups interests and needs. 

Coloring Party

Do you and your friends need a relaxing time? Use our great Coloring Books and some snacks to share some fun and nice conversations at your home.  This kind of party can be set for adults only or with the kids. 

Birthday Bash 

Help friends and family choose the gifts your your kids, guest receives your kids wishlist and when they get one of the books we star counting for extra Free Books. This can be combined with and Online Party. 

Book Drive 

Know of an organization or a cause that would benefit from our great books. We can raise fund or promote a wishlist to be bought, so you can donate the books to them. 

Baby Book Shower 

Are you about to have a baby or know someone that is? There's to ways to build a library for the new baby, buying books for the baby from the wishlist or by getting your family some books. 

*Qualifying event means that a $100 have been sold.

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